Saturday, May 8, 2010

Conditions of habitability for our iguanas

The iguanas are a few animals that tend to defend one when they feel irresolute. It is necessary to bear in mind that they are reptiles which natural ambience is the forest and his reactions they are provoked by his strong instinct of self-defense. When it is necessary to manipulate an iguana, it is necessary to bear in mind the advices that are quoted next.

When an animal of these characteristics is acquired, it is necessary to have thought in advance that it needs a wide place to live. This is like that because an adult iguana can go so far as to measure 1, 5 meters long. It is essential to equip this space with a series of completely necessary articles so that this so special pet enjoys the best conditions of life.

Conditions of habitability

The terrarium must have the following measurements: in case it is going to be occupied by a young iguana (those with less than 18 months), it will have to measure 80 cm. of length for 70 cm. of breadth for 100 cm. of high place. If it is an adult iguana the one that is going to inhabit, that is to say, the his one with more than three years, the cockpit will measure 3 m. of length for 1,5 m. of breadth for 2 m. of high place.

Also, he has to have a badge calefactory, a fluorescent issuing pipe of beams UVB, a receptacle for the meal and other for the water, being the last one the sufficiently big thing like to allow that the iguana should bathe in him. The fluorescent pipes serve so that the lizard synthesizes correctly the vitamin D3. Also it is good to place in the terrarium dry branches so that the iguana could climb for ellas.02.jpg

Temperature and moisture

With regard to the temperature of the hearth of this animal, throughout the day it will have to range between 28ºC and 32ºC and, during the night between 19ºC and 25ºC. To obtain these high temperatures in the winter epoch, numerous models of heating exist. It is advisable to avoid the use of the heat stones, since they can come to 40ºC, which will reverberate negatively in the health of the reptile. Before introducing of definitive form to the iguana in the terrarium, it is necessary to prove the heating team . This is due to the fact that electrical mistakes can develop. To extinguish and to light the heating use of a temporized can be done.

On the other hand, it must be placed in a place removed from the step and very illuminated. If the lighting of the sun is not the suitable one, it is necessary to resort to the artificial one. This is due to the fact that the iguana can think that one brings the winter over and to initiate his hibernation. The moisture has to be 60 % ó 70 %, which achieves easily pulverized water directly in the terrarium. Finally, to obtain correct ventilation, it is necessary to replace the top crystal with a mesh.

How to manipulate an iguana

It is possible to train to an iguana. Nevertheless, to it to be able to be dangerous, it is necessary to bear in mind a series of recommendations. For example, when beech that to rise to the animal, it is necessary to hold it for the abdomen and the paws. It is never necessary to support for the tail, since it has the aptitude to get rid of her. Although his tail would grow again (not so much like earlier), it might become infected.

It is not very common that an iguana tries to bite anybody: if it does it is because she feels threatened. In these cases it is advisable to put them a rag of black color on the head to calm them. The same happens with the scratches. His claws can be cut to prevent from taking place accidentally.

Normally, the iguanas usually not aggressive after a process of domestication. Nevertheless, in some special circumstances it is possible that they allow seeing his fury, especially the males. One of the methods to fight it is provide to him a doll of plastic during the epoch of zeal.

To treat the hostility

When it seems that remedy does not stay any more, one usually resorts to the castration, although it is not verified that this operation is effective at the time of limiting the aggressiveness. The best stage to carry out it is that of the ripeness of the animal. Sometimes, the scarcity of hormones fruit of the castration prevents the iguana from developing normally.

A way of correcting the bad genius of this reptile is not to treat him as a hostile way. Therefore, it is necessary to look at it straight ahead or to take it for the intestine so that it makes itself comfortable in the hand and the arm as if it was hanging of the branch of a tree. It is not necessary to take hold to the iguanas for the neck as the predators would do it. Also, these animals are provided with a species of ' third eye ' on the head that allows them to see the lads when they approach from above. If the proprietor of the iguana comes closer from above, it will turn into his enemy.